Breaking News: 11 Cities in Punjab to Get Free Public Wi-Fi Boosting IT and Knowledge

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has announced that Lahore Silk will receive free internet in public places, initially in some cities. The pro  gram is being launched on a large scale, with plans to extend it to over 500 key locations for large-scale Operation Squad Judgment. The government has prioritized this high-profile program, which will currently have 10 locations providing free internet. The program also aims to develop the city’s IT and Knowledge Parks in Lahore, to promote technology and to collaborate with experts to invite technology to Punjab.

Free Wifi Project In 11 cities

The program aims to boost IT and provide free internet to the youth, enabling them to access internet facilities in various imparks. This initiative is expected to bring revolution in Pakistan by providing internet access to those who needed it earlier, thereby enhancing the country’s digital infrastructure.

Free Public Wi-Fi InitiativePunjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz announces free internet access in public places, starting with 11 cities and aiming for nationwide coverage.
Boosting IT and KnowledgeThe initiative aims to boost the IT sector and promote knowledge sharing by providing free internet access to the youth and professionals.
Rollout PlanInitially launching in 11 cities, with plans to expand to over 500 key locations across Punjab, eventually spreading nationwide.
Implementation EffortsChief Minister Nawaz has requested cooperation for the program’s development, with plans to collaborate with technology experts.
Long-Term GoalsThe program aims to bridge the digital divide, promote technological advancement, and ensure free internet access for all citizens.

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Maryam Nawaz Promises Free Wi-Fi Across Punjab by 2024

Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz has requested cooperation for the development of 21 City Arafa Karim Panel 11 in Punjab, which will be implemented. Microsoft has expressed interest in IT City, and the inauguration of Lahore Knowledge Park and IT City will ensure free internet throughout Pakistan. The meeting time for the meeting is yet to be announced.

Maryam Nawaz announced the provision of free internet to all, particularly IT professionals, in 11 regions currently. The initiative will be expanded to all of Pakistan, ensuring a better working environment for all users.

Number of Free WiFi Offices in Lahore Yet to Be Confirmed

The program will initially have 11 offices in Punjab, Pakistan, and will eventually spread across Pakistan and Punjab. Supply will be ensured at over 500 locations in Punjab, and efforts will be made to bring it to Pakistan. The program will be gradually expanded, focusing on ensuring free internet provision in different cities and locations. The aim is to ensure the provision of the Internet in areas where it is needed, ensuring its availability and accessibility to all.


Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has announced the concept of free internet in Punjab, Pakistan. The program will be launched in 10 regions and expanded to all cities in Punjab. Nawaz organized a meeting to discuss the implementation process and the cities included in the program. The goal is to ensure free internet for all citizens, promoting the development of the IT sector in Pakistan. The initiative aims to spread free internet throughout the country, starting with Punjab and expanding to other areas. The initiative is expected to be successful in Punjab and contribute to the growth of the IT sector in Pakistan.

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Which cities will get free Wi-Fi first?

The program will initially launch in 11 cities across Punjab, with further expansion planned. Specific city names haven’t been confirmed yet.

How will the free Wi-Fi be accessed?

Details about the access process are still under development, but it’s likely to involve using your ID or phone number for verification.

What are the long-term goals of the program?

The initiative aims to boost the IT sector in Punjab by providing free internet access to the public, particularly the youth. This will bridge the digital divide and promote technological advancement.

Will the free Wi-Fi be available throughout Pakistan eventually?

Yes, the program has the ambition to expand nationwide after successful implementation in Punjab.

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