Announcement! Education Scholarships for Undergraduate Students Latest Update 2024

Education is an important right that every citizen should know. Secondary education became difficult due to financial problems. Only 0.4% of low-income students attend college. To increase this rate, the federal government launched the Ehsaas scholarship program. The scheme was initiated during PTI’s tenure in 2019 and will last four years.

Scholarships for higher education

Student Scholarship Program is available for higher education. All undergraduate students from low-income families can apply for the Ehsaas scholarship. This measure supports the concept of Education for all and encourages learning.

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Application to get a scholarship in 2024

According to the National Human Development Report, Pakistan is one of the countries with the highest youngest population in the world. Our government announced many scholarships for children to support the education of young people. You can apply for the Hec Ehsaas scholarship through the scholarship portal. Please visit the official website – – apply online and register for this scheme.

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Students are accepted to public universities with good results.
  • Courses approved by HEC.
  • Age limit according to HEC.
  • Students who cannot pass the exam will not be able to benefit from a semester.
  • Students who receive other scholarships, study distance courses, and attend private or public universities are not eligible.
  • Students with a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Associate’s degree are not eligible.
TargetLow-income undergraduates
EligibilityPublic uni acceptance, HEC courses, age limit

Application procedure

In the past, HEC had announced various scholarship programs for Ehsaas master’s and doctoral students. Our government offers multiple scholarships to graduate students to help students graduate. Visit the HEC official website and fill out the online application form. After completing the online form, you must print the form, submit the required documents, and submit your application to your school’s financial aid office.


In conclusion, it is a significant step by the government of Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan is making its utmost efforts to support the education sector in our country, Pakistan. If you are also a student studying at any university, you can get this scholarship. Application procedure and eligibility criteria are discussed above.

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Why undergraduate students are given scholarships?

Undergraduate students are given scholarships so they can study without difficulty paying high fees.

Who launched this scholarship?

Former Prime Minister, Imran Khan, launched this scholarship.

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