Applying for the Kisan Card in Punjab – A Complete Guide

The Kissan Card helps registered farmers in Punjab access benefits from government schemes such as subsidized loans and insurance. You can also use this card as an ATM or debit card at fertilizer dealer shops.

If you are a farmer living in Punjab and have not yet applied for this card, this article provides all the necessary details. You can easily make your own card by following the instructions below. Read these details carefully to complete your application.

How to Get the Punjab Kissan Card in 2024

Farmers in Punjab who want to use the Punjab Kissan Card as a debit card must complete the verification process for all their documents. This article will clearly explain all the details you need to know. The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) provides complete digital support for this program, starting with farmer registration.

Under the district administration, PITB also offers a dedicated dashboard to handle farmers’ applications for Ajad subsidies. After opening a biometric-enabled mobile account for the Kissan Card, you can apply at any HBL Connect retail outlet. Many poor farmers wish to obtain this card to secure a loan from the government. You have come to the perfect place for all the information you need. Full details will be provided below.

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Eligibility Criteria for Punjab Kissan Card

Farmers in Punjab who want to know the eligibility criteria for the Kissan Card can read the important steps below:

  1. Must own 1 to 12 acres of land to be eligible for the scheme.
  2. The land should be registered at the Land Record Centre.
  3. The SIM card must be registered under the farmer’s identity card number.
  4. The farmer’s NADRA identification card should be valid.
  5. The farmer should not be insolvent with any financial institution.
  6. The farmer must repay the interest-free loan within six months.

Objectives of Punjab Kissan Card

  1. Provide subsidies to farmers transparently and efficiently using the Kissan Card.
  2. Increase productivity and output to boost crop production.
  3. Enhance farmers’ income by increasing crop yields.

How to Apply for a Punjab Kissan Card 8070

Punjab CM Maryam Nawaz has introduced the Kissan Card to usher in a new era of prosperity for farmers. Follow the steps below to apply for a Kissan Card:

  1. Open the SMS inbox on your mobile phone.
  2. Type your original ID card number.
  3. Before typing the ID card number, enter <space> followed by the ID card number.
  4. Send this message to 8070.

Your ID card information will be sent to the government team. They will collect and verify all your information. After verification, you will receive an email or message stating whether you are eligible to receive the Kissan Card.

Punjab Kissan Card Loan Procedure

The Punjab Kissan Card project, in collaboration with the Bank of Punjab and the Agriculture Department, will provide loans to five lakh farmers. Easy loans of up to one and a half lakh rupees will be available to those registered through the Kissan Card.

Farmers will repay this loan in a monthly lump sum. This interest-free loan is designed to help farmers purchase fertilizers and other inputs to increase crop production. To register for this card, send your ID card number to the 8070 code via SMS. The complete procedure is explained above.

Purpose of the Kissan Card

The Kissan Card provides interest-free production loans. Each farmer can receive easy loans of up to one and a half lakh rupees, making it easier to purchase fertilizers and other necessary items.

For farmers’ convenience, the Punjab Chief Minister has simplified the process of obtaining a Kissan Card via the 8070 SMS code. You can also visit the website to get information, check your Kissan Card status, and register online.


Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has launched the Kissan Card for farmers in Punjab. These easy loans of up to one and a half lakh rupees are available to poor farmers in the region. To ensure your eligibility for registration, you can check your ID card number. For more information and updates, visit our website at 8171.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I apply for the Punjab Kissan Card?

Send your ID card number to 8070 via SMS.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Punjab Kissan Card?

Must own 1 to 12 acres of land and have a valid NADRA identification card.

What is the purpose of the Punjab Kissan Card?

To provide interest-free production loans to farmers and increase crop yields.

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