Benazir Income Support Payment (BISP) Payment 2024 Latest Update

Financial support was provided to families who benefited from Benazir’s income support initiative. The Pakistani government has taken many actions to assist you after receiving numerous complaints that family members are having difficulty receiving money. You can verify the actions taken by the Pakistani government here. According to a statement from the Pakistani government, you will receive your money without any issues if you follow a few steps.

Payment for BISP without Survey

The survey costs 500 to 1,000, so you shouldn’t worry; just hope for assistance. You must complete the survey before receiving the 9000 Rupees in financial aid. 

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Payment Survey 9000 by BISP

This is a great time for you to sign up for the Benazir Income Support Scheme because the Pakistani government has declared that it will join the Kafalat program to bring the program back to life and that those who do so will receive assistance. If it is found that you are not qualified for this position, or if you would like to apply, you must first visit the Tehsil office that is closest to you before completing the dynamic inquiry. 

Documents Required for Registration
Applicant’s ID (Identity Card)
NADRA Registration
Household Documentation
Household Electricity Bills
Monthly Income Certificate

Dynamic surveys are crucial because you can only receive this assistance if you can complete passive surveys. If you receive an SMS from 8171, go to the closest office. If you are having trouble receiving SMS messages, use the official portal to check if you can make an online payment.

Documents Needed for Registration

You will require certain documents for registration, which the Benazir office representative asks you to send to the Tehsil office. The requirements include the applicant’s identity card, NADRA registration, household documentation completion, household electricity bills, and a monthly income certificate. 


The Benazir Income Support Program’s most recent update decided to give the funds to qualified families. You are now able to get the money without any issues. For the first time, the Pakistani government is setting up remittance camps where qualified families can easily access funds without requiring biometric verification from the central Camp. In addition, you can resolve any issues you have by going to the Tehsil office closest to you. 

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Is there any need for biometric verification for BISP?

No, there is no need for biometric verification for BISP.

Is an ID card necessary for getting BISP Payment?

Yes, an ID card is essential.

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