BISP Mobile Registration Van to Enroll (Eligibility Criteria and Required Documents)

The BISP Mobile Registration Van program is a creative attempt to ensure that social guidance is available to all qualified women, wherever they may be. In addition to simplifying the process and showing its continued dedication to social welfare and independence, BISP also enables recipients by providing registration services immediately. 

Required Documents

For BISP registration using Mobile Registration, the following documentation is needed:

  • The original applicant’s Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) needs to be validated by NADRA. Those registering with BISP utilize the CNIC as a unique identification.
  • A SIM card that is registered under the applicant’s CNIC. This is probably done to ensure the applicant’s identity is factual and for communication purposes.
  • Information about the applicant’s household. The applicant’s family, individual, CNIC, and socio-financial details that BISP gathers to assess program eligibility can also be included.
  • A child can utilize a “Form-B” as a unique identity if they do not yet have a CNIC. This makes it possible for kids to be listed as household members of the application.
Required Documents
– Applicant’s CNIC validated by NADRA.
– SIM card registered under applicant’s CNIC.
– Household information including CNIC and socio-financial details.
– Child’s “Form-B” in absence of CNIC.

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Eligibility Criteria 

  • Mobile Registration is being used to make registration more accessible for people living in remote and distant parts of Pakistan who have had trouble accessing registration services because of geographic limitations.
  • The effort seeks to guarantee that all qualified women including transgender individuals and those with exceptional abilities can register for the BISP scheme and obtain the required support. This is the first time in the history of Pakistan that the program has embraced transgender people and those with unique abilities.
  • The Mobile Registration Van is a component of BISP’s efforts to convert its static register to a dynamic registry, with the goals of updating the database often, avoiding inclusion and exclusion errors, and documenting changes to families’ socio-financial standing.
  • To identify worthy recipients and register them with the scheme, BISP uses the National Socio-Economic Registry (NSER).

This is how it operates:

  • The qualified lady in the home who satisfies the requirements established by BISP may apply for the program by going to the Mobile Registration Van.
  • The applicant must submit her CNIC and household details, including those of extended family members, throughout the registration process.
  • BISP gathers this socioeconomic information to use a Poverty Means Test (PMT) based on the National Socio-Economic Registry (NSER) survey to determine the household’s overall poverty status.
  • The eligible lady becomes the primary beneficiary of the BISP program if the household is enrolled and meets the eligibility requirements based on the PMT score.
  • Since she is regarded as the family’s principal caretaker, the eligible woman receives the monetary transfers on behalf of the whole household.


BISP is going to initiate the registration process immediately for local communities, eligible girls from low-income homes in remote areas find it easier to apply for BISP thanks to the Mobile Registration. If the home satisfies the program’s socioeconomic benchmarks, even if only one woman meets the eligibility requirements, her registration may result in the entire family receiving help from BISP. This strategy recognizes that poverty impacts whole families and that supporting the most motivated individuals in the family may significantly impact the whole household.

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Who is eligible to sign up via the BISP Mobile Registration?

Through these vans, deserving women, those with unique abilities, and transgender people living in distant locations can register.

Does using the Mobile Vans for registration come with any fees?

Eligible beneficiaries are not charged for the BISP Mobile Registration registration process.

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