Good News: CM Maryam Nawaz to Give 1 KV Solar Panel for 50,000 Households in Punjab

The Punjab government has launched a solar panel scheme to provide a one-kilowatt solar system to deserving and poor families in the province. The program aims to free families from expensive electricity and covers families unable to pay their bills due to financial difficulties. The pilot project, led by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif, will be initiated immediately. In the first phase, households consuming up to 100 units of electricity will be eligible, and two solar plate panels, battery inverter, and cables will be provided free of charge in one KV system. The program aims to free the poor from expensive electricity bills.

Qualifications for a 1KV Solar Panel

The Punjab province-based Solar Panel Scheme is open to families with a monthly income of less than 50 thousand rupees, a monthly electricity usage of 100 to 300 units, a poverty score of less than 30%, registration in the Kafalat program, and no government employee members in the family. To apply, applicants must have a Pakistani National Identity Card and meet the eligibility criteria.

EligibilityMonthly income < 50,000 PKR, electricity usage 100-300 units, poverty score < 30%, Kafalat program registration, no govt. employees.
BenefitsFree 1 kW solar system (panels, battery, inverter, cables).
RegistrationObtain a form from the Bank of Punjab.
Target50,000 deserving households in Punj

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Procedure for Enrolling in 1 KV Solar Systems

The Punjab Solar Panels Scheme registration has begun, and those interested in purchasing solar systems can visit the Bank of Punjab to obtain the registration form. The Punjab Government has partnered with the Bank of Punjab for this registration. Once completed, eligible individuals will be added to the program and notified when solar systems are distributed among the poor by the Punjab government.

Latest News: 50000 Families Will Receive Solar Panels

The Punjab Government is offering the Roshan Gharana Solar Panel Scheme to 50 thousand households. The registration process is straightforward, with only 50 thousand people eligible. To benefit from this program, register now to receive solar plates in easy installments. The article provides step-by-step instructions on how to register and how to avail of the scheme.


The Solar Panel Scheme 2024 offers numerous benefits, including eliminating electricity bills for households using electricity from 100 to 300 units. The Punjab government provides solar plates, batteries, inverters, and wires free of charge, ensuring the poor can easily install solar panels. This golden opportunity is available to those in Punjab, and it is recommended to read the article carefully to understand the full benefits of this scheme.

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Who can apply for the solar panel scheme?

Families in Punjab with a monthly income under 50,000 rupees, using 100-300 electricity units, and registered in the Kafalat program are eligible.

What will the scheme provide?

Eligible households will receive two solar panels, a battery inverter, and necessary cables for a 1KV solar system, all for free.

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