Complete Process! How to Withdraw Your Benazir Money from the ATMs Near You in 2024?

The Pakistani government has released the BISP payment. This page provides you with information on how to get money from an ATM if you are enrolled in any Benazir Income Support Program program and need financial help. You can simply get your money from any nearby ATM by following this approach. In addition, the process for verifying the amount online before receiving it will be explained in this post. You can learn about the entire amount released before receiving your funds.

From which ATM to get money?

In light of the most recent BSP update, a large number of customers still need to be made aware of which banks’ ATMs accept cash withdrawals. So, those people don’t need to worry – I’ve included all the information here. Allow me to inform you that HBL and Bank Al Falah ATMs accept BISP payments. One thing, however, that you must realize in this situation is that you must make sure these banks’ ATMs allow fingerprint scanning before you take out cash. Thus, many small Pakistani towns and rural locations have ATMs despite lacking fingerprint capabilities. To get your money, you must select ATMs that have fingerprint capabilities. 

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Withdraw Benazir’s Money From the ATMs

For people who wish to use an ATM for the aid funds provided by BISP, this is the full process. These individuals can claim their money by following the steps described below.

  • First, go by a nearby ATM operated by Bank Alfala or HBL.
  • Press the thumb scan button located on the ATM.
  • Next, choose the language.
  • Next, from the main menu, choose BISP.
  • Enter your 13-digit ID card number after choosing BISP.
  • After entering the ID card number, scan your thumb.
  • Click the Withdraw Cash button from the menu after scanning the thumb.
  • Enter the desired withdrawal amount after selecting the cash withdrawal button.
  • Once the amount has been entered, click the OK button.
  • And withdraw cash from ATM

TopicHow to Withdraw Your Benazir Money From Nearby ATMs
OverviewLearn how to withdraw money from ATMs if you’re enrolled in BISP.
ATM SelectionHBL and Bank Al Falah ATMs accept BISP payments.
ATM Feature RequirementATMs must have fingerprint scanning capabilities for withdrawals.


Money from Pakistan’s government’s Benazir Kafalat Program and Taleemi Wazaif Program has been distributed to poor and worthy individuals. These people have been educated about the entire process of obtaining aid funds using an ATM in this post. Now, by following this process, anyone who would like to get their money but is unable to do so can do it with great ease from any nearby ATM. You can also utilize a different method if you are having trouble receiving money from an ATM. Additionally, you can ask us a question in the comment box if you’d like any kind of information.

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Which Banks accept BISP Payments?

HBL and Bank Al Falah ATMs accept BISP payments.

What should be the feature of the ATM that allows you to get BISP Payment?

To get your money, you must select ATMs that have fingerprint capabilities. 

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