Breaking News: Ehsaas Kafalat Program Doubles Installment to Rs 21000

The 21000 Kafalat program offers a grant of Rs 21000  for those who join the Benazir Income Support Program or Benazir-up registration. To receive this aid, individuals must check their eligibility. The Ehsaas program, which issues new aid every month, aims to help poor and deserving individuals live a good life. If they do not receive the money once or twice, they will receive Rs 21000 instead of Rs 1050. The program aims to assist those in need.

21000 Kafalat May 2024 Double Installment

The Benazir Kafalat program has released a new update, allowing eligible individuals to easily check their money. If they are declared eligible but found ineligible, they will not receive any money from the program.

The program also allows for the combination of two amounts, with the last time not receiving any money being in May. Eligible individuals will receive two installments of Rs.21000, and oaths will be used to earn money. This update is beneficial for those who have registered and are eligible for the program.

In-person Registration at Ehsaas OfficeApplicants must visit their local Ehsaas program office with their ID card and their husband and children’s bay form to register for the BISP Announced Payment.
Tehsil Office Visit for AssistanceIf the Ehsaas office is unavailable, applicants can visit the tehsil office of the BISP program in their area to receive aid.
SMS RegistrationSend CNIC to 8171 via SMS, wait 15 minutes for a reply, receive an SMS notification confirming eligibility after 24 hours, and collect the grant amount or less from the local BISP office.
Online Registration on the BISP WebsiteFill out the online registration form on the official BISP website with CNIC and the last four digits, click the registration button to confirm eligibility, and obtain grant money from the local area Ehsaas or BISP program office.
Alfalah Bank RegistrationVisit the nearest Alfalah bank, register with your phone number, biometrics, and verification, check your money status with your ID card, and receive money if registered.

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The Pakistani government offers an easy procedure for poor people to receive their money. They regularly introduce new schemes to help them. If you encounter any issues, you can visit the Benazir Income Support Program or Kafalat Program office and provide your information.

By following this procedure, you can easily access your money and avoid any problems. The government ensures that these schemes are available to help the poor and provide financial assistance.

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21000 Kafalat registration procedure

If you encounter issues with the Benazir Kafalat program, you may need to visit the Nadra office instead of the BISP office. They will verify your identity and inform you that your registration process has started.

If you still face issues, you should visit Nadra’s office. Once the issue is resolved, you can resume earning money. The Benazir Income Support Program has released the affected families for a special rehabilitation and rehabilitation process, and program officials have assured the restoration of ATM services. This will help those affected by the program to regain their income.

ATM users who previously had issues with their money can now access their funds again, as the ATM was reopened in May, and they can now access their money at any time. This is great news for those who previously relied on ATMs.

BISP Upcoming Installments 21000

The Benazir Kafalat program is set to release its next relief soon, but it is not yet prepared. Families can help with the relief if they have received it from the program. The next Qist will be released in May, and if no money is received from the long program, the amount will be doubled. This will help meet home expenses and provide the necessary income. To change sponsorships, individuals must obtain one and visit the sponsorship program office to review their income


The sponsorship program aims to assist financially poor families, requiring registration and eligibility checks before assistance can be provided. To participate, individuals must register and ensure they meet the necessary criteria.

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What is the 21000 Kafalat program, and who is eligible to receive it?

The 21000 Kafalat program offers a grant of Rs 21,000 to individuals who join the Benazir Income Support Program or undergo Benazir-up registration. Eligible individuals must check their eligibility to receive this aid.

How does the program work if individuals do not receive money once or twice?

If individuals do not receive money once or twice from the Ehsaas program, they will receive Rs 21000 instead of Rs 1050. The program aims to assist those in need by doubling the installment amount.

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