BIG Update! Ehsaas Panagah Program 2024 (Complete Details)

Pakistan’s high rate of inflation is making life difficult for its citizens. The Government has begun the Ehsaas Panahgah Program 2024 in this very difficult period. Its objective is to give residents access to food, shelter, and necessities. It was made with homeless people in mind specifically. 

Methods to Find the Nearest Panagah

Remember to check the closest Ehsaas center if you are willing to stay in Musafir Khana but are traveling to another city for business. You can locate the location closest to you by following these easy steps.

  • The official website may be found at
  • For the most recent information, tap “Ehsaas Centers.”
  • Write your city’s name, tehsil, now.
  • Choose the program you wish to participate in.
  • Select “Search” to view the list.
  • Contact information for the relevant staff will be given to you.

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The EHSAAS Panagwah Program’s objective

The government of Pakistan is offering this initiative to its homeless and poor inhabitants. Its primary goal is to give people without a roof over their heads one. The idea started by creating different “Panahgahs,” or shelters. It is confirmed to supply all necessities, including food, shelter, and security. 

Panagah Locations

Notably, 482,030 people have been impacted by the five Panahgahs in the Capital combined. It has provided meals for 425,357 people and housing for 56,673. Here are the five panagah locations:

  • Bara Kahu
  • Mandi Mor
  • Peshawar Mor
  • Tarlai
  • Tarnol 

Eligible Persons

Those who qualify for the Panagah Program of EHSAAS are as follows:

  • People Who Are Homeless
  • Individual Laborers at Risk and Daily Wage Earners
  • Trapped Passengers
  • Ladies and Children
  • Senior People
  • Disaster Victims

Purpose of the Panagah

This effort is based on a few key goals mentioned below.

  • Providing Emergency Protection
  • Providing Healthful Meals
  • Drinkable, clean water
  • Developing Communities and Reducing Inflation
  • Encouraging Long-Term Change, Health, and Remain in Medical Facilities via Support
Program NameEhsaas Panahgah Program 2024
ObjectiveProvide food, shelter, and basic necessities to homeless citizens
Methods to FindVisit official website, locate nearest Ehsaas center
Program LocationsBara Kahu, Mandi Mor, Peshawar Mor, Tarlai, Tarnol


The population of Pakistan’s towns and cities is growing. Individuals are facing new concerns, such as inflation. The “Ehsaas Panahgah Program” of the Pakistani government has shown to be a bright spot during difficult times because it provides support to the poor and needy in finding residence and shelter.

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In Lahore, how many Panagahs are there?

From the beginning, Lahore’s centers were raised from five to eight.

Who will be eligible for the Ehsaas Panagah Program?

Homeless people are eligible to stay in Panagahs.

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