Everything You Need to Know About the Punjab Chief Minister’s 15,000 E-Bike Program for Teachers

Punjab Chief Minister Ms. Maryam Nawaz is offering free E-bikes to poor teachers in Pakistan. The government has started distributing 15,000 bikes to school and college teachers. To apply, teachers must register and receive the electric bike. The scheme aims to provide affordable transportation for those in need.

15000 E-Bike Program in Punjab by 2024  

The 15,000 Punjab E-Bike Scheme is designed for poor teachers in public or private schools in Punjab to produce electric bikes. Teachers can register to receive these bikes, which can improve their days and save time. This scheme is open to both government and private schools, aiming to improve the quality of education in the region.

Program Title:Punjab E-Bike Scheme
Initiated by:Punjab CM Maryam Nawaz
Objective:Provide free E-bikes to poor teachers
Eligibility:Age 18+, ID card, >FSC education, 3 yrs experience, no criminal cases
Registration:Visit Punjab Bank for application

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Criteria Eligibility for Teachers 

If you are a poor instructor and wish to get enrolled, the eligibility conditions should be as follows:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to apply.
  • You must have your identification card.
  • Your education should include more than FSC.
  • You should have three years’ experience.
  • Not involved in any criminal cases. 

Teachers 2024 Online Process Education Department Teachers  

The online registration procedure has not been explained, and applicants must visit Punjab Bank and provide all necessary information to a representative for registration. The representative requires accurate information during registration, and those from poor families can complete the process.

Punjab Bike Scheme Update 

Punjab Bikes has started registering teachers, providing 15,000 E-bikes to poor teachers in Pakistani schools and colleges. The scheme is designed to help those living in poverty and those in Pakistani schools or colleges. The Punjab Bikes scheme is not only providing children with bikes but also assisting teachers in reducing their carbon footprint.


Pakistani school or college teachers from poor families, residents, or those with limited incomes can apply for an E-Bike through the Punjab Bike Scheme online. The procedure is straightforward and can be found in an article, that guides you through all the necessary steps. The registration procedure is recommended as soon as possible.

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What is the Punjab E-Bike Scheme launched by Punjab Chief Minister Ms. Maryam Nawaz?

The Punjab E-Bike Scheme aims to provide free electric bikes to poor teachers in public or private schools in Punjab, enhancing their mobility and saving time.

Who is eligible to apply for the Punjab E-Bike Scheme?

Eligible applicants must be at least 18 years old, possess a valid ID card, have education beyond FSC, hold three years of teaching experience, and have no criminal cases against them.

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