Field Hospital Project By CM Maryam Nawaz & How Its Work?

In 2024, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz of Punjab announced a field hospital project to address the challenges faced by people with disabilities in Punjab. The project involves a field hospital van providing home-based treatment. The program aims to alleviate the burden of hospital visits for these individuals. The details of the program are detailed in an article available for readers.

Health Knocking At Your Doorstep 2024

Maryam Nawaz has decided that many families in Punjab need help from the Field Hospital Project for any problems they may have. This project is aimed at people with disabilities or those whose health is so bad that they cannot leave their homes. A field hospital van will come to their homes, providing treatment and making them accessible. This initiative aims to provide quick and accessible care for those who cannot leave their homes due to their disabilities.

Field Hospital ProjectChief Minister Maryam Nawaz initiated a project in 2024 to provide home-based treatment to disabled individuals in Punjab through field hospital vans.
Accessibility of HealthcareThe project aims to bring healthcare to the doorstep of disabled individuals, relieving them of the burden of hospital visits.
Extensive Home TreatmentDisabled individuals can receive comprehensive medical care and services at home, eliminating the need for hospital visits.
Functioning Hospitals32 field hospitals have commenced operations, catering to the needs of residents across Punjab.
Stay Informed Through WebsiteUsers can stay updated on the project’s progress and access information through the project’s website.

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Disabled People Should Be Treated At Home 2024

The Field Hospital Project aims to benefit disabled and difficult-to-reach individuals by providing home-based treatment for various issues. This project allows for extensive operations at home, eliminating the need for hospital visits. Regardless of location in Punjab, the service can be easily accessed by calling the project and providing free treatment and services. This project is particularly beneficial for those who are unable to leave their homes for medical procedures. The project ensures that people can receive comprehensive care at home.

32 Field Hospitals Started Functioning update

32 hospitals have started a work project, potentially targeting residents in Punjab. The website provides updated information on the project, allowing users to solve any issues they may have. The website also provides guidance on how to use the field, ensuring that users can easily benefit from the latest information. Staying on the website allows users to stay updated on the progress of the project and ensures they receive the best possible treatment.


This article provides comprehensive information on the field hospital project, allowing readers to easily benefit from it after reading it thoroughly. For the latest updates, visitors can visit our website, where all the information is presented in an apparent manner, benefiting them greatly.

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What is the Field Hospital Project?

A van equipped for medical care that provides treatment at home for disabled individuals in Punjab.

Who is eligible for the program?

People with disabilities or those who are too unwell to visit a hospital in Punjab.

How do I access the service?

Call the project hotline or visit their website for more information and service access.
What are the benefits of the program?

Provides free medical care and treatment at home for those who cannot easily reach hospitals.

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