Freelance Courses Now Available for Free in E-Rozgar Scheme – Exciting Opportunity!

The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), the government of Punjab, and the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports launched the e-Rozgar program to train young graduates in self-employment and digital skills. Programming and technology courses, content marketing and advertising, design, e-commerce, application development, mobile, digital, and social media marketing, and UI/UX design are all available through the e-Rozgar program. Each subject is taught separately.

Courses offered by the e-rozgar initiative

The Pakistani government introduced the e-rozgar initiative to provide jobless individuals with various skill sets at no cost so they can charge for their services and make money. This curriculum will cover a range of courses, including Mobile application development, web development, search engine optimization, graphic design, content marketing, content advertising, digital marketing, and many other areas. 

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Employment prospects

As you are all aware, Pakistan’s economy desperately needs improvement. Many young people need jobs due to a need for more employment options. Because of this, the government has introduced the e-rozgar program, which allows people to learn various internet skills for free. After gaining these abilities, people can build their enterprises, market their services, and work as freelancers. The Pakistani government has taken a commendable step in lowering the rising jobless rate in our organization.

E-Rozgar Center

The e-Rozgar Program, with 45 centers and seven classes, was launched in 36 regions of Pakistan. The Punjabi government recently introduced a new e-business training initiative. The National Vocational and Technical Training Council (NAVTTC), which supports vocational education, employment, and training across the country, is another reputable organization. The Ministry of State and National Education collaborates with public and private institutions on business development skills and vocational training to boost employment and end poverty. 

Program NameE-Rozgar Scheme
PurposeTrain in digital skills
Courses OfferedProgramming, marketing, design
Employment ProspectsFreelance opportunities
Centers45 across Pakistan


This initiative is designed for young people, including female unemployed workers and young students. The Pakistani government started this initiative to equip students with skills and prepare them for the workforce. These organizations seek to eradicate poverty by providing financial aid, employment and business training, and support to young Pakistanis. 

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What number of regions did the e-Rozgar Program start in?

Thirty-six regions of Pakistan have developed the e-Rozgar Program.

Who is the target audience of the E-Rozgar scheme?

This initiative is designed for young people, including female unemployed workers and young students. 

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