Good News: Benazir Nashunoma Program Registration Latest Update 2024

To help kids under two years old and expecting mothers in Pakistan stay healthy, the Government of Pakistan has started something called the Benazir Nashunoma Program. This big program is part of the Ehsaas initiative, which is all about helping poor people and making sure everyone is well. In this article, we’ll tell you all the important updates about how to sign up for the Benazir Nashunoma Program in 2024.

What is the Benazir Nashunoma Program?

The Benazir Nashunoma Program is here to do a few important things:

  1. This part of the program makes sure that kids get good food and grow up strong and healthy.
  2. The program helps pregnant women have healthy pregnancies and not get sick because of not eating well.
  3. Some people don’t get enough of the good stuff in their food. This program makes sure they get the nutrients they need.
  4. By giving good food and helping people eat well, the program makes everyone healthier and reduces diseases.
  5. The program also teaches moms and dads about how to keep their kids healthy.
EligibilityChildren under two years old and expecting mothers already on the Benazir Income Support Program.
Financial SupportRs 2,000 per month for boys, Rs 2,500 per month for girls, and Rs 25,000 for expecting mothers.
Registration Start DateMay 2, 2024
Registration ProcessSend an SMS to 8171, attend regular check-ups, and participate in health education sessions.

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Financial Support under the Benazir Nashunoma Program

The best thing about this program is that it gives money to people who need it:

  • If you have a child who is less than two years old, you can get Rs 2,000 every month to help with their needs.
  • Expecting moms can get Rs 25,000 to make sure they stay healthy during pregnancy.

Benazir Nashunoma Program Registration Update

Starting from May 2, 2024, you can register online for the Benazir Nashunoma Program. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Check if you’re eligible. You can join if you have a child under two years old or if you’re expecting a baby.

Step 2: Go to the doctor for regular check-ups, get vaccines, and learn about staying healthy.

Step 3: Attend sessions to learn more about taking care of yourself and your child.

Step 4: To sign up, send an SMS to 8171. Once you qualify, you’ll get a confirmation SMS on your mobile.

Benazir Nashonuma Program August Update

The program started in 14 places in Pakistan. But now, the plan is to start it in about 45 more places by May 2024. Remember, only women who already get help from the Benazir Income Support Program can get money from the Benazir Nashunoma Program.

Eligibility Criteria for the Nashonuma Program

To join, you need to meet these rules:

  • Boys under two years old get Rs 2,000, and girls get Rs 2,500.
  • Expecting moms get Rs 25,000.
  • You should see the doctor regularly, get free vaccines, and take part in learning sessions.

The Benazir Nashunoma Program is a big step to help poor kids and moms be healthier in Pakistan. It gives money and teaches people about staying well. Don’t miss out on this chance to join the program and make sure your family stays healthy.


The Benazir Nashunoma Program is a significant initiative aimed at improving the health of children under two and expecting mothers in Pakistan. By providing financial support, nutritional education, and regular medical check-ups, the program seeks to combat malnutrition and promote overall well-being. Starting from July 2024, eligible families can register online, ensuring broader access to essential resources. As the program expands to more regions, it promises to have a substantial impact on reducing health disparities and enhancing the quality of life for many vulnerable families across Pakistan.

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Who is eligible for the Benazir Nashunoma Program?

Eligible participants include children under two years old and expecting mothers who are already beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Program.

How much financial support does the program provide?

The program provides Rs 2,000 per month for boys under two years old, Rs 2,500 per month for girls, and Rs 25,000 for expecting mothers to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

How can I register for the Benazir Nashunoma Program?

To register, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, attend regular medical check-ups, and send an SMS to 8171 starting from July 2, 2024. You’ll receive a confirmation SMS if you qualify.

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