Good News: Facing issues with BISP Payments 10500? and How to Fix It

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) is a vital resource for many families in Pakistan. But sometimes, technical glitches or eligibility issues can lead to payment errors. If you’re facing problems receiving your BISP funds, don’t worry! This blog post will guide you through some common errors and how to resolve them.

Common BISP Payment Errors:

  • Error Code 938: This code might indicate issues verifying your children’s school attendance. The government prioritizes payments for children meeting the 70% attendance threshold.
  • Reduced Payment Amounts: You might receive less than expected due to the attendance verification process mentioned above.
  • Error Code 933: This error code signifies a mismatch between your registered district and the location you’re trying to withdraw funds from.
  • No Payment Received: This could be due to various reasons, including incorrect account information or ineligibility changes.
Error CodeIssue
938School attendance verification
933A mismatch between the registered district and withdrawal location
No PaymentDue to incorrect account information or ineligibility changes
HelplineContact the BISP helpline for personalized guidance
Office VisitDiscuss payment errors directly at your nearest BISP office
Keep RecordsEnsure CNIC and contact details are updated for smooth payments
Address UpdateInform BISP promptly if you’ve relocated to avoid payment delays
Fixing ErrorEnsure withdrawal location matches registered district, contact the BISP Helpline, or visit the BISP office for assistance

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Resolving BISP Payment Errors:

  • Check for Official Announcements: The BISP program frequently updates beneficiaries about delays or program changes. Keep an eye on official news channels for the latest information.
  • Contact BISP Helpline: For specific inquiries about your case, reach out to the BISP helpline. Personalized advice depending on your circumstances can be given by them.
  • Visit Your Nearest BISP Office: Sometimes, a face-to-face interaction can be helpful. Visit your nearest BISP office to discuss your payment error and seek solutions. They can help rectify any discrepancies in your records or eligibility status.

Here are some more tips:

  • Keep your CNIC and other BISP registration documents up-to-date.
  • Ensure your contact information, including phone number and address, is accurate in BISP records.
  • If you have recently moved, inform BISP about your new address to avoid delays.

Fixing Error Code 933:

If you encounter Error Code 933 while attempting to withdraw funds from the BISP program, it’s essential to ensure that your withdrawal location aligns with your registered district in the BISP system. Here’s what you can do to address this issue effectively: First, reach out to the BISP Helpline and explain the error code you’re encountering. Inquire about the process for updating your registered district if necessary. Additionally, consider visiting your nearest BISP office to discuss the issue with a representative. To guide guidance on updating your information or assist you through the necessary steps. By taking these actions and staying informed, you can increase the likelihood of resolving BISP payment errors efficiently. Remember, the BISP program is designed to support you, so don’t hesitate to seek assistance if you encounter any difficulties.

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In conclusion, facing BISP payment errors like Error Code 933 can be challenging, but there are solutions available. By staying informed, contacting the BISP helpline, and visiting the nearest BISP office, you can resolve these issues efficiently. Keep your registration documents updated and communicate any changes promptly. With persistence, you can overcome payment errors and continue benefiting from the support provided by the BISP program.


How do I update my BISP registration details?

To address Error Code 933, contact the BISP Helpline for guidance on updating your registered district if needed.

Which documents should I keep updated for BISP payments?

Keep your CNIC and other registration documents current, along with ensuring accurate contact information to avoid payment delays.

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