Breaking News: Government of Pakistan Increases BISP Program Payment to Rs. 8500 for April 2024

The most recent update, which will inform you of your payment date, is the Benazir Income Support Program. Even though the first installment was announced in February, those who wish to receive financial assistance must still take specific steps. They can then quickly receive their payment after that. To get paid, you must first finish your survey. You can visit the closest tehsil office to complete the survey any time of day; a representative will aid you with registration and be available to you at all times.

New RS. 8500 Payment Starts again

The Benazir Income Support Program helps low-income families by giving them cash assistance to reduce poverty. Stipends are also given to women who are receiving financial aid through the Kafalat program for their children. According to the current BISP policies, the families will begin receiving assistance from BISP Update Gov 8500 to provide their children with a quality education. They must first obtain their verification, though.

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Eligibility Criteria

In the same way that there are steps to follow to register for any program, you must meet the eligibility requirements to register for the BISP Program. The list of BISP eligibility requirements for 2024 has been made public by the Pakistani government; you can verify your eligibility in the following paragraph.

  • This program is limited to those who are poor and deserving.
  • Whose pay shouldn’t go higher than 30,000 per month
  • Also, you are not employed by any government agency.
  • Also, your family needed to have at least one woman.
  • In addition, individuals with disabilities have been included
  • Additionally, widows must obtain their husband’s death certificates to participate in this program.
BISP ProgramUpdate and Payment Information
Aim: Provide cash assistance to low-income familiesA new payment of Rs. 8500 was announced for April 2024
Eligible individuals must follow specific stepsComplete the survey at the nearest Tehsil Office to receive payment
Cash assistance also provided to women through KafalatEligibility criteria include income, employment, and family status


It has been announced that a survey will be conducted among these individuals in the latest Benazir Income Support Program 2024 update. NSER surveys take place every day. You must visit your nearest Tehsil Office as soon as possible if you want your survey completed. Your money might be lost if you don’t complete the survey. Anyone who comes from a low-income family can apply for this program.

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What is the income requirement for this program?

Whose pay shouldn’t go higher than 30,000 per month.

What is the function of this program?

The Benazir Income Support Program helps low-income families by giving them cash assistance to reduce poverty. 

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