Great News! Provision of Solar Systems to the Poor by CM Punjab in 2024

Solar systems are supplied to customers using one hundred units from BISP. Hundreds of solar systems are being provided to consumers. Now that they have solar systems, the program’s impoverished segments will be able to improve their lives. Maryam Nawaz Sahiba, the chief minister of Punjab, has announced that solar panels will be given to the underprivileged who use less than 100 units of electricity and are concerned about inflation.

Fifty Thousand Solar Panels

This scheme will distribute Fifty thousand solar systems to customers; Maryam Nawaz is helping low-income households with this initiative. Many impoverished people believe participation in charity programs makes them happier; Chief Minister of Punjab Maryam Nawaz assists low-income households.

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Installation of Solar Systems

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz of Punjab has provided this assistance to the impoverished households in the province. The Chief Minister personally promised to use his digital monitoring powers to help those who deserve it. After learning about the fundamental needs of many impoverished families, the Chief Minister visited them and assisted them. Due to the high cost of these units, which makes it difficult for many disadvantaged people to run their homes, the Chief Minister declared that solar panels will be provided to them. Now that support services are available to address their needs, those in poverty can improve their lives.

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Declaration of Intent to Donate 50,000 Solar Systems

Maryam Nawaz, the chief minister of Punjab, has declared that many of these families will receive solar systems throughout the province. It was announced at the solar home solution review meeting, which was presided over by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, that the impoverished classes would now have easy access to power thanks to the provision of over 50,000 solar systems.

Eligibility Criteria

Only the most severely impoverished recipients are eligible for this program. Assistance under this program will only be given to homes that fulfill the eligibility requirements; households consuming fewer than 100 units or more than 100 units may qualify.

Allocation of 12.6 Billion Rupees

During her meeting, Maryam Nawaz declared that she would donate 50,000 solar systems to low-income people in Punjab. Since the impoverished sectors of society are struggling to meet their necessities, the program will receive Rs 12.6 billion in funding in its initial phase. Customers that use 100 units or fewer will receive these solar panels in the first phase. Chief Minister Punjab has directed that a one-kilowatt solar system be installed immediately to enhance the poverty system as much as possible.

Key PointDetails
Number of Solar Panels50,000 solar systems to be distributed
Eligibility CriteriaHousehold consumption: fewer than 100 units
Funding AllocationRs 12.6 billion for the program’s initial phase


The Chief Minister has issued directives to install the newest solar system technology to improve facilities for underprivileged communities. Solar panels have helped impoverished homes; Chief Minister Punjab took this action to improve people’s lives and further Pakistan’s efforts to end poverty.

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How much amount is allocated for the Solar Panel scheme?

The program will receive Rs 12.6 billion in funding in its initial phase. 

Who will be able to receive solar panels?

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz of Punjab has provided this assistance to the impoverished households in the province.

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