How to Check Online Your Eligibility for the Benazir Kafalat Program 2024 (Latest Method)

The budget for 2024–25 is predicted to include major expenditure-cutting initiatives from the federal government. Reducing pension costs and financing for provincial development initiatives is one of the main adjustments. Furthermore, the provinces will bear part of the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) expenses, according to government plans. The following summarizes the suggested modifications and their effects:

Check Your Eligibility Online

A website has been launched by the government to guarantee openness in financial transfers and to make access simple. Checking your eligibility can be done as follows:

  • Visit the BISP website.
  • Put in the supplied code together with your CNIC number.
  • For a verification of your eligibility, click the submit button.

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How to Check Eligibility through SMS?

Another option is to use SMS to verify your eligibility. Continue with these easy actions:

  • Text 8171 your CNIC number.
  • Find out right away whether you qualify.

BISP New Chairman

A fresh phase for the program has begun with Rubina Khalid’s selection as the new Chairperson of BISP. With her knowledge and experience, Khalid is supposed to push the program to new heights and make sure that more families get the financial support they require. Knowing the most recent advancements and changes is crucial as the program keeps changing.

Check Your Eligibility Online– Government launched a website for financial transparency and easy access. – To check eligibility: Visit BISP website, enter code and CNIC number, click submit for verification.
How to Check Eligibility through SMS– Alternative method: Text CNIC number to 8171 – Immediate eligibility confirmation.
BISP New Chairman– Rubina Khalid appointed as new Chairperson of BISP – Expected to elevate the program and increase support to families.
Details– Relief for beneficiaries with BISP Kafaalat payment increase to Rs. 10,500 in May 2024 – Government emphasizes program transparency and accessibility through online portal and SMS service.


Beneficiaries will be much relieved when the BISP Kafaalat payment rises to Rs. 10,500 in May 2024, guaranteeing better affordability of necessities. The government wants to guarantee program openness and easy access, hence it has launched an internet portal and SMS service. Furthermore proving the government’s dedication to helping individuals in need during difficult economic times are re-registration and assistance programs.

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Why is the BISP Kafaalat payment now Rs. 10,500?

The BISP Kafaalat payment was increased in reaction to the inflationary rise to help beneficiaries better afford necessities.

How can I find out online if I qualify for the BISP programme?

Checking your eligibility requires going to the BISP online site and entering the given code together with your CNIC number. 

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