How to Check the Status of Your Ehsaas Kafalat Payment 2024 (Latest Method)

Many lives in Pakistan have been improved by the Ehsaas Kafalat Program, which aims to give financial support to the deserving and marginalized segments of society. Recipients of the 25000 Ehsaas Kafalat Payment are looking forward to the government of Pakistan providing them with the support they deserve. 

Check the Status of your Payment

  • Accessibility: To find out the status of your payment, visit the HBL Bank welfare device or the closest payment center.
  • In-Person Help: These centers have authorized agents available to help you.
  • Limitations: This may not be possible for all beneficiaries; requires physical presence.
  • Helpline Number: To contact a modern call center, dial 0800-26477.
  • Procedure: To check the status of your payment, provide your information over the phone.
  • Convenience: You can access it from the comfort of your home, saving you from having to go anywhere.

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i) Ehsaas Web Portal

  • Complete Solution: For questions about eligibility and payment, visit the 8171 Ehsaas website.
  • Dynamic Survey: Offers eligibility and current status of the dynamic survey information.
  • Deadline Alert: To keep your program eligibility, if you are asked to complete the survey again, make sure to do so by June 30.

ii) See Payment from ATM Machines

  • Problems: Ehsaas Kafalat payments cannot currently be processed by ATMs.
  • Future Prospects: After technical issues are fixed, beneficiaries can easily check their payments at ATMs.
  • Be cautious: Until the problem is fixed, don’t try to make transactions at ATMs. 
1. Check the Status of Your PaymentInformation on various methods to check the status of Ehsaas Kafalat Payment, including visiting payment centers, helpline number, and using the Ehsaas web portal.
2. Ehsaas Web PortalDetails about accessing the Ehsaas web portal for information on eligibility, dynamic survey, and program deadlines.
3. See Payment from ATM MachinesExplanation of the current unavailability of Ehsaas Kafalat payments at ATMs and future prospects.


Beneficiaries can check the availability of efficient and user-friendly methods for checking their 25000 Ehsaas Kafalat payments. People can remain aware of their rights through in-person support, helpline calls, online portals, or waiting for ATM functionality. Making use of these resources is essential for ensuring easy access to the funding offered by the Ehsaas Kafalat Program. Remain knowledgeable and in control.

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What is the helpline number to check my Ehsaas payment?

To contact a modern call center, dial 0800-26477.

How can I know more about eligibility in detail?

For questions about eligibility and payment, visit the 8171 Ehsaas website.

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