How to Easily Register Your Complaint at the BISP Complaint Center via Call in 2024

The BISP Program Complaint Centers are established by the Government of Pakistan to address complaints related to the Ehsaas Program, Benazir Income Support Program, BISP Program, or Benazir Kafalat Program. These centers assist those who are in trouble with financial aid or registration processes.

 Customers can contact the BISP contact number in the BISP program to get their financial aid money. By reading this article carefully, individuals can find solutions to their problems and receive financial assistance money from representatives who are available to assist them at home.

How to Contact BISP Office by Helpline Number 2024

The Pakistani government has established BISP Complaint Centers to address the voices of the poor and provide immediate financial assistance, with BISP WhatsApp numbers provided for easy access.

This platform allows users to file complaints about registration, financial assistance, or deductions from home. BISP money is provided free of charge, but no deductions are allowed. If someone requests a deduction, users should contact the provided BISP WhatsApp number. The platform provides BISP WhatsApp numbers for all provinces.

Contacting BISP OfficeDetails
Helpline NumberCall for assistance with issues or complaints.
BISP WhatsApp NumbersMessage for easy access to complaint filing.
Payment Receiving IssueReport issues like non-receipt of aid or deductions.
Complaint RegistrationVisit the office or call to file complaints about registration or aid problems.

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BISP installment Receiving Issue Complaint through Call 2024

Many women in Pakistan are unable to receive financial assistance after joining BISP due to issues such as thumb amputation and money being deducted from them. The Government of Pakistan has established BISP Complaint Centers to address these issues. File a complaint against these centers to alleviate these issues.

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BISP Program Complaint Registration Procedure

If you can’t submit a complaint online or don’t receive a response, you can visit the BISP office in your tehsil and have your problems resolved by representatives. They offer financial assistance and a simple registration process. If you encounter difficulties during registration, you can file a complaint through the BISP contact number. However, if you feel unheard or untreated, you can file a complaint online.

BISP Control Rooms Contact WhatsApp Number 2024

To receive financial aid money at home and file complaints, contact the provided BISP helpline numbers for immediate resolution of any issues.

ProvinceWhatsApp Number
Sindh 103018472836, 03018472838
Sindh 203028240958, 03018472841
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa03155212820
Balochistan03185761507, 03155212897
AJK and Gilgit Baltistan03155213394, 03155213094
South Punjab 103018472831
South Punjab 203175370095
Central Punjab03028240972, 03202399575
Punjab North03028240977, 03028238564


In conclusion, contacting the BISP Complaint Center for assistance with financial aid or registration issues is made easy with the helpline numbers provided by the Pakistani government. Whether it’s about non-receipt of payments or registration difficulties, individuals can reach out via call or WhatsApp to address their concerns and seek prompt resolution. By utilizing these accessible channels, beneficiaries can ensure their voices are heard and their problems are addressed effectively.

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How can I contact the BISP Complaint Center for assistance?

You can contact the BISP Complaint Center via helpline numbers provided by the Pakistani government. These numbers are available for immediate assistance with financial aid or registration issues.

What should I do if I encounter problems receiving BISP payments?

If you’re facing issues receiving BISP payments due to reasons like thumb amputation or unauthorized deductions, you can file a complaint through the BISP Complaint Center.

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