Step-by-Step Guide: How to Register for the New Negahban Card Program 2024

The Punjab administration, led by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif, has inaugurated the Negahban Card Program, which will provide financial help to 6.4 million needy families across the province. The initiative provides 12000 scholarships per year, totaling 36000, with a budget of 307 billion for five years to support its execution.

New Negahban Card Program Application Process

Nigehbaan Card Online Registration Procedure

  • A new website for BISP’s Negahban Free Ita Scheme.
  • Register on the official website.
  • Complete the registration form with relevant information.
  • Verify and validate eligibility based on Caretaker Relief Package criteria.
  • Expect confirmation and possibly an Ehsaas Rashan Riayat card for discounted goods.
  • If verified and eligible, you will receive three 10-kg sacks of flour from utility retailers.
Negahban Card Program Application Process 2024Benefits Of New Negahban Card 2024
BISP registrationProvides regular cash infusions to low-income families
Visit the official websiteOffers convenience with ATM access
Fill out the registration formEligible for participation in other Punjab government programs
Verify eligibilityProvides subsidized food rations
Receive confirmationOpens doors for government-backed loan opportunities
Receive three 10kg bags of flour from utility stores 

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Eligibility Criteria For New Negahban Card

The Negahban Card eligibility criteria require specific criteria and a completed registration form. The program is limited to residents of Punjab province, considers individuals already registered under BISP but not receiving financial aid, and includes participants who completed the Negahban Ramadan program.

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How to Obtain the Negahban Card May 2024

The Punjab government has not yet revealed the precise application process for the Negahban Card, however, the article suggests keeping up with registration operations at the official Negahban Center.

Benefits Of New Negahban Card

Negahban Program Benefits:

  • Offers regular cash infusions to low-income households.
  • Provides ease through ATM access.
  • Eligible to participate in other Punjab government initiatives.
  • Offers subsidized food rations.
  • Facilitates government-backed credit opportunities.

New Negahban Card Today Update

The Negahban Card registration procedure has commenced, guaranteeing that all qualified users of the Negahban Card Program receive their cards. All registration information has been entered, and users should carefully read the article to determine whether they are eligible to register.


The Negahban Card Program is a Punjab government project aiming at reducing poverty and providing financial security for families. It provides direct financial aid, easy access to cash, and potential integration with other initiatives, to positively impact many Punjab citizens.

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Who is eligible for the Negahban Card Program?

Although the program’s exact eligibility requirements are unknown, it is intended to assist Punjabi low-income families. It may take into account previous involvement in the Negahban Ramadan program and current BISP registrations.

How do I register for the Negahban Card?

The registration process has not been publicly disclosed. The post cites a forthcoming BISP registration portal, but no further details are provided.

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