Important News: Announcement of Subsidy on Utility Store 5566

The Ramadan relief package, worth 7.5 billion rupees, has reduced prices of essential commodities at utility stores. The price of 800 grams of tea has been reduced by Rs 100, besan and dates have been reduced by Rs 50 per kg, and tetra packs of milk per liter have been reduced by 30 rupees. Pulses and rice have been reduced by Rs 25 per kg, cooking oil per liter has been reduced by Rs 25, and 800 ml of beverages have been reduced by Rs 30. However, sugar per kg for BISP customers remains at Rs 109, ghee per kg at Rs 365, and a 10 kg bag of flour at Rs 648. The Ramadan relief package will be applicable on utility stores from March 5 and continues until Chand Raat. But keep in mind that the utility store is still subsidized, all those receiving Benazir Income Support Program can still benefit from this subsidy.

Utility Store Relief Package Prices Update 2024

The Pakistani government has introduced a Ramadan relief package to address the huge shortage of food and drink in Asia. The package aims to provide affordable items to the poor and deserving, who have minimum monthly security and are living in poverty.

Utility Store Relief Package HighlightsHow to Get Subsidy
Ramadan relief package worth 7.5 billion rupeesVisit nearest Utility store
Prices of essential commodities reducedPresent ID card and verify phone number
Subsidies on tea, besan, dates, milk, pulses, rice, cooking oil, and beveragesThumbs verification for assurance
Applicable from March 5 until Chand RaatSimple and straightforward process

The government has released stores in all areas of Pakistan, offering them the opportunity to purchase the items they need. The package will continue from one Ramadan to Moon night, ensuring that those in need can access good money or receive subsidies on the items. For more information, visit the government’s website.

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How To Get Subsidy Through utility Relief Package

Ramadan Relief 2024 offers a simple steps to receive a free Rashan subsidy. To apply, visit your nearest Utility store, present your identity card number and verify your phone number. Your thumbs will be verified, and you will be assured of the subsidy. Although not a free Rashan, the process is straightforward and easy.

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Eligibility Criteria

In this program, if you want to get your registration done and checked first, there is a crucial criterion: if you are eligible and want to get a discount on Rashan, you will be registered and paid in full. First and foremost, ensure that you match the eligibility conditions.

  • Your poverty score should be less than thirty.
  • You have not taken out a loan from any bank.
  • You should have all of the registration information.
  • You applied for registration.
  • You should have no more than five marlas of land in your name.
  • You should not have more than two electricity and gas meters under your name.
  • You were not involved in any legal


This article aims to inform the poor and deserving people about the government of Pakistan’s assistance in the Rashan Program in Punjab. It provides information on how to register for the program, how to receive a subsidy or discount, and the necessary information to obtain a Rashan. The article also provides details on how to register, how to get a discount, and what information is needed to apply for Rashan.

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Which essential commodities are included in the subsidy?

The subsidies apply to items such as tea, besan, dates, milk, pulses, rice, cooking oil, and beverages.

How can I get the subsidy?

To avail the subsidy, visit your nearest Utility store, present your ID card, verify your phone number, and undergo thumb verification for assurance.

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