Imtiaz Ramzan Package Latest Update 2024

Imtiaz Super Market announced the launch of Ramzan Package 2024 on March 2, 2024. Known for offering quality products at affordable prices, Imtiaz Super Market’s Ramadan package has been designed to make marketing during Ramadan even easier. This package has everything you need. Imtiaz is a popular retailer in Pakistan that offers a great shopping experience to its customers. 

Imtiaz Supermarket has a reputation for offering quality products at affordable prices and this Ramadan is no exception. Imtiaz Ramadhan Rashan Package 2024 is a package that includes all the essential items you need during the holy month of Ramadan, making your shopping easier and hassle-free.

Ehtemam Ramadan Launched by imtiaz ramzan package

Imtiaz Supermarket has launched a special Ramadan meal called “Ehtemam Ramadan” to make the month of Ramadan more convenient. Ramadhan Ration Pack 2024 is now available at all Imtiaz outlets in Karachi and Punjab. 

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3 plans under the Imtiaz Ramzan package

You have three options: Plan 1, priced at Rs 2,899, Plan 2 is more expensive at Rs 4,699,  and Plan 3, priced at Rs 6,999, has more features. Ordering your 2024 package is simple and easy. You can visit your nearest Imtiaz store or order online from the website.

Which items will be included in the Imtiaz Ramzan package?

2024 packages have been carefully prepared to offer you the best products at affordable prices. Ramadan Rashan Set 2024 includes many essentials like Sugar, Flour, Rice, Cooking Oil, Tea, Dates, Lentils, Gram Powder, Vermicelli, Roza, Fruit Cocktails, and more.

Benefits of Imtiaz Ramzan package

This package, which includes many advantages, is the best choice for your Ramadan shopping. Imtiaz Ramadhan Rashan Packages 2024 are affordable and convenient, bringing together all the essentials in one package with quality, carefully selected products, and enough quantity for the entire month of Ramadan.

Imtiaz Ramzan Package Initiative

Ramzan is a special month when Muslims around the world engage in spiritual purification and meditation. It is also a happy time to eat delicious food with family, friends, and neighbors. Imtiaz Super Market has launched a special Ramadan package offering various food items at incredible discounts to add more joy to your Ramadan celebrations.

From staples to healthy snacks, there’s something for everyone so you won’t have to worry about shopping for extra ingredients. From healthy foods to premium foods and pasta, you’ll find unparalleled convenience in shopping for Ramadan meal essentials without compromising on quality or taste. Get ready to have a perfect Ramadan this year and take advantage of the package offer covering all Ramadan months offered by Imtiaz Super Market.

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Consequently, Imtiaz Ramadhan Rashan Pack 2024 is the best solution for all your Ramadan needs. It provides value for money by carefully selecting quality products at affordable prices. Order now and enjoy hassle-free Ramadan shopping at Imtiaz Supermarket.

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