Latest Update: Roshan Ghrana Scheme First Phase 2024 – Eligibility Criteria and Benefits

The new Roshan Gharana Program, announced by Chief Minister of Punjab Maryam Nawaz, aims to lower electricity bills for Punjab citizens by utilizing solar energy. This program’s objective is to address Punjab’s electricity shortage. Numerous families in Punjab have initiated the solar panel installment in their houses with its assistance. 

Roshan Gharana Program components and installation

Batteries, inverters, and other necessary components for the advanced Roshan Gharana Program will be supplied by the initiative. For the homes it benefits, and this ensures effective energy generation and storage. The installation process will be handled by government teams with specialized knowledge, ensuring proper setup and operation.

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Eligibility Criteria

Initially, the program aims to distribute 50,000 solar panel systems. People who use up to 100 units of electricity per month will have priority access to these systems. This prioritization makes sure that the first people to benefit are those who have low incomes.

It is announced that the Roshan Gharana Program will launch in a few days. The budget of 12.6 billion rupees for the first phase shows how committed the government is to this project. Although the specifics of the program’s next phases are unknown, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has hinted that more Punjab citizens will eventually be a part of it.

Benefits of the Roshan Gharana Initiative 2024

The Roshan Gharana Program has the potential to have a significant impact on the Punjab people. The installation of solar panels under the program could lead to:

  • Reduced Electricity Bills: Solar-powered homes should see a decrease in their monthly electricity bills, offering financial relief.
  • Increased Energy Independence: Homes equipped with solar panels will have greater control over their energy source and be less reliant on the traditional system.
  • Environmental Impact: The initiative contributes to a cleaner Punjab by promoting renewable energy. 
Key Points
Eligibility Criteria: Priority access for households using up to 100 units of electricity per month; initially targeting distribution of 50,000 solar panel systems.
Benefits: Reduced electricity bills, increased energy independence, positive environmental impact.


The Roshan Gharana Program is one of the promising projects of the Punjab government. By giving people access to solar panel systems, the initiative can benefit the environment, generate financial rewards, and achieve energy independence. Residents can look into their options for getting involved and utilizing solar energy when registration and program details become available.

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What are the ultimate benefits of the Roshan Ghrana Scheme?

By giving people access to solar panel systems, the initiative can benefit the environment, generate financial rewards, and achieve energy independence.

How will poor people be helped under this scheme?

They will have to pay lower electricity bills.

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