Now a WhatsApp channel is launched by BISP

Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has launched a WhatsApp channel to assist its beneficiaries and the public by providing accurate information about their programs and combating misinformation.BISP encourages beneficiaries to be present and subscribe to the WhatsApp channel to learn the details of the project.

How to join the BISP Whatsapp channel?

Anyone can easily join the BISP WhatsApp channel through the given website:


Join Our WhatsApp Group

How to file a complaint through the call center?

This follows the launch today of a call center in collaboration with BISP’s national telecommunications company to provide reliable information on plans and resolution of complaints. Anyone can make a complaint or get information about the process by contacting the call center at 080026477.

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Registration through the Mobile App

In another development, BISP announced plans to set up mobile registration centers to facilitate the registration process for beneficiaries in remote areas. These mobile sites will enable eligible women in remote areas to easily access registration services. According to the news in the media, the promotion of mobile apps, which started in August, is reaching its final stage.

Purpose of launching the Whatsapp channel

In a bold move, BISP – Benazir Income Support Program opened its own WhatsApp channel to ensure that accurate and correct information is shared with the public. According to sources, BISP has launched a WhatsApp channel to ensure that beneficiaries get accurate information to improve the work of BISP. This is a big step forward for BISP beneficiaries as they will no longer fall victim to misinformation and online fraud. Finally, citizens can access legal information from real places without having to go anywhere.

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The official WhatsApp channel of the Benazir Income Support Program has been created. You will be informed about the Benazir Income Support Program and how soon your money will be released. And how quickly you can get money and many other information that people cannot get for any reason, but we have created a WhatsApp channel for your convenience.

Here you will get information about the Benazir Income Support Scheme, how to access the funds, how to check your eligibility, and many more things you need to know when joining the WhatsApp channel. Even if you like it the most, you should keep it to yourself and that message will be shared on the WhatsApp channel according to you.

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