BIG News! Now the Government of Punjab will give petrol and E-Bikes to students in Universities 2024

CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif launched the Government of Punjab Pakistan Bike Scheme in response to the growing needs of the people, especially the students who must travel great distances for their studies. The Punjab government of Pakistan has taken a great step by helping students overcome difficulties and other challenges to finish their education.

Bike Scheme Latest Update 2024

The first female Chief Minister of Pakistan, Maryam Nawaz, is the CM of the Punjab Government. She has announced a bike program for students in response to the growing demand for improved transportation. In her speech, she highlighted the need for action to improve bike safety and working conditions. Thus, the Punjab government announces interest-free, easy installments for the distribution of bikes to students on a free and equitable basis. Speaking to the crowd, Punjab’s chief minister, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, declared that 19,000 petrol and 1,000 electric bikes would be given to students on a monthly installment plan.  Additionally, Maryam Nawaz announces the student laptop and iPad program.

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Eligibility Criteria

The following would be the eligibility requirements:

  • A citizen of Pakistan living in Punjab.
  • Any institution’s student.
  • Having a valid driver’s license for a bike and a National Identity Card.

The Punjab government in Pakistan intended to give away 20,000 bikes, 19,000 of which would be gasoline and 1,000 electric bikes. For the most recent information, go to the Government of Punjab Portal.

Installment plans

The Punjabi government makes it easier for students to distribute bikes fairly and in manageable installments. In collaboration with the Bank of Punjab, the Punjabi government in Pakistan announced an installment of Rs. 10,000 for electric bikes and Rs. 5,000 for petrol bikes.

Urban and Rural Quota 

The primary characteristic of the bike scheme is the transparent, interest-free, and free distribution of bikes based on quota. The distribution date is set for May 9, 2024. In Punjab’s rural areas, male students are allotted 70% of the quota, while female students are given 30%. A quota-based equitable distribution of male and female students in urban areas will exist.

Key PointsContent
Eligibility Criteria Citizen of Pakistan living in Punjab. – Student of any institution. – Possession of a valid driver’s license for a bike and a National Identity Card.
Installment PlansInstallment plans: Rs. 10,000 for electric bikes and Rs. 5,000 for petrol bikes, in collaboration with the Bank of Punjab.
Urban and Rural QuotaQuota-based distribution: 70% quota for male students and 30% for female students in rural areas; equitable distribution in urban areas.
Distribution DateThe Distribution date is set for May 9, 2024.


In summary, the Punjab government of Pakistan’s Bike Scheme 2024 is an excellent initiative to improve the educational sector for Punjab students. Soon, green bikes will be seen on the road, allowing Punjab’s students to pursue their education in the greatest possible way with their transportation.

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When does the bike application process begin?

The program has launched and will soon start accepting applications.

As a university student, am I eligible to apply?

You can apply for the lucky draw, yes.

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