Offline Registration Process for the BISP Program Latest Updates 2024

Over 600 tehsil offices have been established across Pakistan as a result of the Benazir Income Support Scheme. The registration processes of users are streamlined by these registration sites. To complete the registration process and receive financial assistance, those who meet the eligibility requirements for the Benazir Income Support Scheme should go to the nearest tehsil office.

Procedure for Registration in 2024

Those who would like to finish the registration process can do so by going to the BISP tehsil office established per the Benazir Income Support Program’s guidelines and completing the registration form. They do not, however, know where the Benazir Income Support Scheme office is located, so you can use the official website to find the address of the Benazir Income Support Scheme Tehsil office that is closest to you.

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Retake the Survey

In Pakistan, tehsil offices are established for good reason. The following situations require that you go to the Tehsil office:

  • If your family was not enrolled in the previous survey for any reason, you should go to the nearest tehsil office and complete it again.
  • Visit the tehsil office to retake the survey and update your PMT Score if it has been two years or more since the last survey and your PMT Score, also known as your poverty score, has not been updated. To update your family’s details, you can also go to the tehsil office, which is already operational. 

BISP Tehsil Office

The Benazir income support program’s headquarters are located in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. The head office is in charge of supervising and managing all 600+ tehsil office branches in Pakistan, regardless of size. If beneficiaries have any complaints regarding the way the program is run or any of the BISP representatives, they should go to the head office and file them. All other tehsil offices report to the head office of the organization.  

Key PointsContent
Registration Procedure for 2024Eligible individuals can complete registration at their nearest Tehsil office following program guidelines.
Retake the SurveyVisit the Tehsil office if not enrolled in a previous survey or to update the PMT Score after two years.
BISP Tehsil Office 2024Headquartered in Islamabad, responsible for supervising and managing all Tehsil offices.


The BISP Tehsil office’s mission is to register the poor and worthy. You can register by visiting the Tehsil office of BISP. To view the details of the funds allocated to the Benazir Income Support Program, you can also visit their offices. All the data is available to you. Keep in mind that the easiest way to apply for the program is to visit the Benazir Income Support Scheme Tehsil office. Register after entering all of your information there. You can use your phone to confirm your eligibility after registering. 

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How can the BISP Tehsil Office assist people?

If your family was not included in the previous survey, you should go to the nearest tehsil office and complete it again. 

What does the BISP Tehsil Office aim to achieve?

The BISP Tehsil office’s mission is to register the poor and worthy.  

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