Breaking News: PM Shahbaz Sharif introduced the Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2024

The Punjab Rozgar Scheme offers a loan scheme for unemployed and poverty-stricken Pakistani citizens. To apply, applicants must visit the scheme’s website and fill out a form with their full name, email address, CNIC number, mobile number, and password. The scheme provides detailed loan information and registration, with a chance to receive a Rs 10 lakh loan. For more information, visit the scheme’s website. The process requires completing the application procedure.

Status Check for Punjab Rozgar Scheme

The Pakistani government launched a high-quality loan repayment program in 2019 to generate economic activity and employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth. The program, launched during Covid-19, is available from various banks, including the Punjab Rozgar Scheme. The cost has been raised to one lakh rupees. To check loan status, visit any bank for all necessary information.

Program NamePunjab Rozgar Scheme
InitiativeLoan scheme for unemployed citizens
EligibilityAges 20-50, Punjab residents
Loan AmountRs 1 lakh to Rs 10 lakh
ProcessOnline application, bank visit for status

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Application Form for Punjab Rozgar Scheme

To apply for a loan under the Punjab Rozgar Scheme, visit the official website and fill out an application login form with your CNIC number and password. You will see all the application data, which you can copy and use at any bank to receive the loan. Remember to pay back the loan. The Punjab employment scheme, established in 36 districts, is part of the government’s freelancing project for youth development.

Punjab Bank Rozgar Scheme

This loan is only available to people living in Punjab, with a loan amounting from 10 lakh to 1 crore, with no installments for six months. To apply, complete registration on the Punjab Employment Scheme website and obtain the loan from Punjab Bank. The loans are related to various skills like freelancing and other jobs.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria for Scheme

  • Eligible individuals: 20-50 years, men, women, and eunuchs.
  • A resident of Punjab, Pakistani citizen with a nationally verified identity card.
  • Business in Punjab or other eligible categories.
  • Driver must hold a Komi Identity Card.


The Punjab Rozgar scheme offers loans ranging from Rs lakh to Rs 1 crore to cover business and other facilities. To apply, applicants must have an application form and their CNIC number.

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What is the Punjab Rozgar Scheme?

Answer: It’s a loan program in Punjab for unemployed citizens.

Who can apply for the Punjab Rozgar Scheme?

Answer: Residents aged 20-50 in Punjab are eligible.

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