Simple Process: How to File a Complaint at BISP Tehsil Center (2024)

Even while the BISP program is still growing and helping low-income families, a lot of them are having trouble enrolling, getting payments, or meeting their deductibles. To address and swiftly resolve these concerns, the Pakistani government established the BISP Complaint Center. This post aims to inform you about all the issues that BISP-eligible candidates face and provide you with easy access to the BISP team.

How to file a complaint at home using the Internet?

Anyone can discuss problems pertaining exclusively to BISP’s purchasing operations quickly and easily by using online complaint forms. You can use this gateway to send the complaint desk straight your difficulties, and you can use your mobile number to find out how your complaint is progressing.

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Complaint Filing by going to the BISP Office

For those who are unable to write a complaint on the complaint site or do not have access to the online portal, the dynamic complaint approach is appropriate. Direct complaints should be submitted to the BISP registered office or Tehsil office.

Procedures to File a Complaint
Online Complaints through the website
Offline Complaints by going to the Tehsil Office

How to file a dynamic complaint at the tehsil office of the BISP?

The following is the process to file a complaint with the BISP tehsil office:

  • Go to any nearby office in Benazir Tehsil.
  • Describe to them why you are there specifically.
  • You will be given a complaint form, which you must carefully fill out.
  • Your phone number, CNIC number, and other information will be requested on the form.
  • Once completed, email the form to the representative of the Bisp Tehsil Office.


Many complaints have been filed by citizens since the Benazir Income Support Program’s complaint registration process was started. Their issues are being looked into, and attempts are being made to address them as soon as possible. So if you are also facing some issues, you should immediately file a complaint.

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Can you file a complaint online?

You can file a complaint online at the portal.

Can offline complaints be possible?

Yes, offline complaints can be done at the Tehsil office.

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