Good News! Step-By-Step Registration Process for the Punjab Bike Scheme 2024

You may want to know more specifics about the government bike program in Punjab. How can I apply for the government of Punjab’s e-bike program? What is the monthly installment amount and what is the down payment? How many bikes are available, both petrol and electric? Thankfully, we have all of the responses you require. Let’s examine the specifics in combination.

Complete Registration Process

It’s simple to register for the Punjab Bike Scheme. The CM Punjab bike scheme’s online registration process is as follows:

  • Visit the Punjab Government’s Bike Scheme website.
  • After selecting “Register,” enter the required data (Name, Email, CNIC, Gender, Password).
  • Fill out the online application to apply for the bike scheme after registering.
  • To apply, choose between an electric or petrol-powered bike.
  • The following information about the co-borrower/guarantor (parents, spouse, brother-sister, or siblings of the applicant student) must be entered:
  • Individual Data
  • Details of Income
  • A list of all prior loans taken out, their current status, and the monthly payments

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Important Note!

Remember that the student is regarded as the “Primary Borrower” if he has a source of income of his own and there is no involvement from a guarantor. Remember that applications are only being accepted by the government through April 2024 (Deadline: April 29, 2024). Students are thus encouraged to apply as soon as they can.

Distribution Process

Let’s now discuss how these bikes will get to the people. Students are encouraged to apply, and registration is now open. The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has scheduled an electronic balloting draw for May 2024 if the number of applications exceeds the quota. It is to guarantee openness through the procedure. Distribution might start that same month (though this isn’t confirmed yet).

Scheme NamePunjab Bike Scheme
Registration Process1. Visit Punjab Government’s Bike Scheme website 2. Click on “Register” and enter required information 3. Fill out online application to apply for bike scheme
Application OptionsChoose between electric or petrol-powered bike
Co-borrower/Guarantor InformationEnter individual data, income details, and details of prior loans


Overall, the news is great for the people of Punjab. The government wants to improve student transportation with this program. Even though there could be more electric bikes included, considering their possible future in Pakistan, this is still a great initiative by the CM Punjab. There is little doubt that many students’ transportation burdens will be lessened by this government bike program in Punjab.

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What is the Deadline of the Registration?

Remember that applications are only being accepted by the government through April 2024 (Deadline: April 29, 2024). 

What is the first step to Register?

Visit the Punjab Government’s Bike Scheme website.

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