Utility store ramadan package Latest Update 2024

The federal government has announced the 2024 Ramadan subsidy package for all utility stores in Pakistan. The government gave a subsidy of 5 billion rupees. Utility Stores Ramadan Assistance Program 2024 will be valid from October 3, 2024. Utility Stores Ramadan Assistance Scheme will continue until Chand Raat, 2024.

The government gives discounts on 19 types of products every day. Grants of Rs 4 to Rs 50 crore will be given to more than 19 projects. Energy retailers purchased 40,000 tonnes of sugar, wheat flour, and ghee packets to meet the subsidy. The Punjab government will also set up special Ramadan markets in various cities of the state.

Utility store Ramadan package Registration

The program was launched to help families unaware of the Rashan Riayat program and living in areas where there was no Tehsil office, hence the government started the Rashan program for these families. Online registrations have started. The registration process is explained below.

  • To do this, you must first enter the message box on your phone.
  • After logging in, you need to register with Nadra by entering your CNIC number and sending it to 5566.
  • Then OTP BISP will send the number to your mobile phone.
  • After you should notify the representative of the nearest Utility store.
  • You will get a 40% discount on five products.

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Aim of the utility store Ramadan package

Pakistan Utility Stores Corporation has launched the Ramadan Assistance Program to provide essential food items at subsidized prices during the holy month of Ramadan. Government officials have approved the strategy and can be implemented across the country. This measure aims to ease the financial burden on low-income families and enable everyone to celebrate Ramadan with dignity. 

Which food items will be given at low rates in 2024?

The package includes ingredients such as flour, sugar, rice, pulses, cooking oil/oil, and dates, which can be purchased at discounted prices from Utility stores nationwide. People can purchase these products in small quantities to avoid using incorrect packaging. The Ramadan Assistance Program is a laudable initiative to support communities and improve public health during this special time of the year.

The government will oversee the implementation now in 2024

This is a good initiative of the government, but it has been found that Utility stores cannot balance supply and demand. Many products are offered for sale in bulk for markets to make money. The government must now appoint officials to oversee the implementation of the Ramadan budget for Utility stores in 2024. Special Ramadan bazaars and Madni dastarkhawan will also be held in various cities. 

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If your poverty score is below 40%, you can accept Rashan for free if you are successfully enrolled in this plan. If you want to check your PMT score online, you can check your poverty score by entering your country and ID number on the BISP official portal.

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